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The Prussian Empire has a destiny, a destiny to rule over all of the lands of Prussia and Saxony, and further onward into Germany, across Europe. Here, fellows, we will plan the course to that final glorious end and help each other towards greatness.
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 Announcing the Creation of the Empire of Prussia and a New Government!

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PostSubject: Announcing the Creation of the Empire of Prussia and a New Government!   Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:01 pm

Dearest Friends,

We Prussians have spoken, and the future course of our mighty band is clear. With one voice, we have proclaimed that we must establish a new alliance to continue the Prussian Empire.
I will create the Empire of Prussia over the next day and assume interim leadership of a new government. I take up this role not out of pride or entitlement, but out of the urgency of a fresh start, the need for a active direction, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the election for the next emperor (in which I received 80 percent of the votes),. I do not claim the title of emperor. We can determine who fills that position in due course.

For now, though, the necessity of a functioning government and some definitive steps is obvious. As interim chancellor, I make the following decrees:
1. All lords are to immediately join the Empire of Prussia
-Graf von Kloetze, Kruppe, and nmhh are the exceptions
2. A new government is to be formed. It's makeup is as such:
-Graf von Kloetze is the President (my deputy) and Director of the Establishment Office (also known as the Interim Directorate, or Directorate)
-Kongzilla is the Chief of Staff, with full control over the military of the Empire of Prussia--that is the armies of every lord
-Otto von Danzig, Demtri, Gamer Dude, and Williams are deputies and have full domestic executive powers. They are subject to the decrees of the Chancellor.
-JCunning is the Foreign Minister
3. The Establishment Office will assume control of the Prussian Empire alliance until all active lords have joined the Empire of Prussia and will ensure all lords join the Empire of Prussia.
-Graf von Kloetze is the Director
-Kruppe and nmhh are deputies of the Directorate and will assist von Kloetze in directing all Prussians to the new alliance
-The Directorate will have full executive and legislative powers over the Prussian Empire alliance
-The Directorate will routinely contact every active lord instructing them to join the Empire of Prussia until all of joined
-The Directorate will be dissolved after several days when it is judged it has completed its task
4. The Prussian Empire and the Empire of Prussia, though different alliances, are the same Empire. No wars will be launched between members of the two alliances.
5. All lords should unite and remember that the Prussia is OURS and will we march to glory! Prussia, Hurrah!
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Announcing the Creation of the Empire of Prussia and a New Government!
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