Prussian Empire

The Prussian Empire has a destiny, a destiny to rule over all of the lands of Prussia and Saxony, and further onward into Germany, across Europe. Here, fellows, we will plan the course to that final glorious end and help each other towards greatness.
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 A Vision of Empire

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PostSubject: A Vision of Empire   Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:29 pm

This alliance was founded on a dream of empire. It is our destiny to establish dominion over Prussia, then expand west into Germany and beyond.

It is not always clear, given the game mechanics, what controlling Prussia really means. We cannot occupy every square of plains with a city. That being the case, we have no way of preventing other players from moving in and building cities of their own. We are not, and may never be, the only alliance in Prussia.

I believe that the most meaningful way to stake our claim to this region lies would be to control all the adminastrative centers (towns, fortresses, and capital) in the region. In addition to the rewards for controlling these sites, this would send a clear message that Prussia belongs to us.

This would not be easy to achieve. These are very hard targets. From what I have gathered, they will only fall after a series of well-coordinated attacks. Capturing them would mean a sustained and organized effort on the part of our alliance.

I believe this is a worthwhile goal. Dominating our region would make us a real power in this world. The campaign to achieve it would also stimulate the interests of members and make our alliance more actractive to serious players.

As a first step, I have started compiling a list of these targets. Please post the locations of towns near your cities here.
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A Vision of Empire
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